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In my years of flying, teaching flying, and giving FAA flight checks, I found that many, many, techniques and procedures are not being taught to students, and consequently, are not known by many pilots. They once were, but have been forgotten or passed over as flying has grown and changed. Or maybe some things have been valid in the past, but have been made invalid by changes in equipment and technology. They are important and life saving and should be learned by every pilot. You may, or may not, have been taught in this way, but you owe it to yourself and your passengers to check this book out and see where you stand. Many pilots always seem to "have it all together" and have the admiration of all who know them. This book will help you to be one of those pilots. It is not designed to be a question/answer book to help you pass a written or oral exam, but instead is designed to help you see situations in-flight and know how to respond to them. It is designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to meet the challenges you will experience in complex situations. It is deep and written to influence the way you think and the way you react. You will learn how to train yourself and/or your students to perceive a challenging condition accurately, and how to train your responses to react automatically, quickly, and accurately, to stressful situations. One reading will not do it. It will require reading, studying, application, and practice to bring your skills and abilities to the point where you will be the very best pilot you are capable of being. You will be one of those pilots that everyone is comfortable flying with, and in the end, say "I want to be as good as she, or he, is." Good luck, and many happy flights to you.