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Below are pictures of the author in 1956 as a member of the 69th Fighter Bomber Squadron at Osan Air Base in Korea. These are his words. "I loved being a fighter pilot and dreamed of being involved in some great air war operation and pitting my skills against the enemy, but fate has a way of adjusting our lives. The closest I got was flying close air support missions in Vietnam, but I loved that also. I was living my dreams. It wasn't the conflict, but I loved flying and its challenges in all of its many forms and in any aircraft. The years flew by, many thousands of hours accumulated, and eventually the greatest love and the greatest challenge before me was to become a really good flight instructor. The last twenty years of my life have been concentrated on learning and perfecting the art, or maybe science, of flight instruction.  I have taken the experiences and lessons learned over my fifty years of flying and tried to integrate them into a more effective method of instruction. Your dreams may be as an airline pilot, or a bush pilot, or any other kind of pilot, but as you pass the portals of being a student, a private pilot, and especially a flight instructor, be the very best you can be.  That is what this book is about. May you always fly with a tail wind and may all of your dreams come true."