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Windshield Reference Markers

The IMFI text recommends using dry erase markers to mark small horizontal and vertical reference lines on the aircraft's windshield. Some pilots have reported problems getting the dry erase marks to completely erase off the Plexiglass. A better solution is to use small suction cups to mark the required reference points on the windshield as shown below.

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Click each picture to view a larger image.

Small suction cup

Pitch reference during steep turn

Pitch references on final approach

172 R/S Instrument Cover
Many of the techniques taught in IMFI require several of the primary flight instruments to be covered.  Covering the instruments ensures that the student properly gathers perceptions from outside references rather than the flight instruments.

Click HERE to download a free template for Cessna 172 R/S aircraft (PDF file).  It works best to print or copy the template onto heavy card stock.

172 R/S Instrument Cover with all flight instruments covered

172 R/S Instrument Cover with airspeed, altimeter, and turn coordinator uncovered

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