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Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE: Flying - An Art Or a Science?
CHAPTER TWO: The Beginning
CHAPTER THREE: The Flying Environment
CHAPTER FOUR: The Learning Process
CHAPTER FIVE: Flight Instruction
CHAPTER SIX: Traffic Patterns
CHAPTER SEVEN: Special Takeoff Considerations
CHAPTER EIGHT: Air Work And Maneuvers
CHAPTER NINE: Emergency Training
CHAPTER TEN: Cross-Country Flying
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Instrument Flying
CHAPTER TWELVE: Instrument Flying in the Real World
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Instrument Emergency Conditions
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Commercial Pilot Training
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Multiengine Training Considerations
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Teaching Multiengine Flying
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Flying the Multiengine Aircraft on Instruments
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: The Shining Butt and other Miscellaneous Stuff
APPENDIX A: Referenced Photos
APPENDIX B: Private Pilot Syllabus-Early Solo
APPENDIX C: Private Pilot Syllabus-Late Solo
APPENDIX D: Instrument Training Syllabus
APPENDIX E: Commercial Pilot Training Syllabus
APPENDIX F: Commercial Multiengine Syllabus
APPENDIX G: Pilots, Parrots, and the Party Line